Back to the pool


We’re already building habits on the island. After breakfast in the morning we are going to the beach and watch the tide claim back part of the land. As the temperature rises towards noon we eventually have lunch, spend some more time at the beach afterwards and move in the early afternoon to the pool.


Today we went to explore the beach Lamia and I had discovered earlier with the kids. At this time of the day low tide is approach and you can observe fish and crabs in the shallow water.


The kids really enjoy this.
And so do we…

Island walk


Lamia and I have to close our circles on the Apple Watch every day. We left the kids with the grand parents and did a little tour around Nikoi Island.

We started at the reception.


From there we passed the restaurant, the bar, a number of villas until we entered the jungle track.


It did not take too long until we reached the area on the island map that indicated mangroves.


Not as many as I would have expected, but yet very nice.


From there we continued through the jungle. I admit I did not expect that the path would virtually disappear after a while, but the area we passed then is probably under water at high tide.


Lamia discovered another hermit crab. Not as big as the one Oskar and I saw yesterday night, but this time I had a better camera and the light conditions were of course much better, too.


Nikoi Island is of course not very big, so soon after we got back on a path and reached these stairs.


These took us back to the other side of the island, close to the pool. The pool is at an elevated part of the island and below it there’s some more beach.


We then passed by the pool…


… which, by the way, has also a lot of nice places just to hang and enjoy the place:


We continued, passed by the spa and eventually arrived at out villa.


What a nice little walk and it confirms what was clear from the day 1: the landscaping here on the island is simply stunning…

Our villa


Here are some nice first impressions of the place we are staying at on Nikoi Island. The first photo shows the place as seen from the sea access.


At the center is the part of the villa where Lamia, the kids and I stay. To the right is a gazebo and to the left is the second building where Fely and Nagi stayed.

First a view from the gazebo…


Somebody seems to take a break on the sandy porch.


Yes, indeed…


View of same location from a different angle:


Side view of that building. Sleeping room and bathroom are at the top floor.


That’s similar for the second house which is perpendicular to this one.


I’ll take some more photos of the inside later or tomorrow. But if you look at this and you go like…

That’s bloody marvelous!

… I won’t disagree with you.