It’s not an age thing…


This sweater is simply hideous.
Makes you wonder what weirdo is designing clothes like that…

Edit June 19:
The sweater has found a new home at a second hand shop in the meantime. Makes me smile to imagine how it won’t sell there, too. And then it will end up as a donation and potential beneficiaries go like: “I am not that much in need of a sweater – the newspapers from last year will do just fine!”.

Lump in throat moments…


I dropped by Alex and Silke’s place tonight to have a chat and catch up some more. I am always amazed how fast time rushes past me when I am in Germany – at first I think there is plenty of time to do everything, but then it’s the night before we leave and I realize I did not manage to do what I wanted to do and could no say what I wanted to say.

And there’s so much to say to friends who even surprise me with a little birthday cake…

The Duplos and Hanutas would have been already great. But a cake?
Thank you so much, Alex and Silke. This is more than I deserve!

Missing you – much love and many hugs.



At my age birthday presents are not that important anymore. (Heck! Did I really just write “at my age”?!)
The older you get, the more you acknowledge how important it is to be with people you love. When you’re a kid you take this as a given, of course, while you do not consider presents as a given, so there is a lot of focus on the loot and even more focus on by when you can finally open them.

This lovely birthday table was waiting for me since morning.

I only got to it in the afternoon and the little end on the lower left may indicate that there were others in the house who did not agree with my priority setting. They had to wait patiently…

… until I finally got ready for the unwrapping fest.

Oskar was always close to the action. Naturally, he loves unpacking presents.

I won’t show all the photos of me making faces next to each present. 

Suffice to say that I received some lovely gifts. I am also very happy that Stefan joined (unexpectedly, I even received a book from him and Kathrin).

Oh – for some reason I made some particularly ridiculous poses with a coffee mug that I got from my mom.

No idea what I was thinking there, but I did have fun.
Here’s a photo of another handsome boy:

And another one:

Thank you for all the presents and thank you for the birthday wishes.

It feels crazy I am that old already and yet feel reasonably young. I wished I was as wise as my age suggests I am, but I am trying my best every day.

A bucket full of hugs to everybody and on to another year.