Above the city of Jounieh towers Harissa, an important place of pilgrimage in Lebanon. The defining sight of Harissa is the huge statue of Notre Dame du Liban (i.e. virgin Mary), which sits on a little chapel and has a brilliant view towards the sea.

When we arrived, the sun was soon about to set, resulting in fantastic light. I was sitting in the car, Ramzi was deciding on the best parking spot and I looked at the back of the statue and was immediately mesmerized by the impressive silhouette that stood out against the evening sky.

It was chilly now and Lamia, who had her coat in my suitcase, said:

Lamia: Can you get me my coat, please?

I think, I answered…

Leo: Sure.

… grabbed my photobag, jumped out of the car and looked for the best angle to take a shot at the lady:

All the while Lamia was waiting for her coat, which had been utterly pushed out of my brain by the eagerness not to miss the opportunity to take this photo. I think she was a little offended, but then again for good reason: after all, I had forgotten about her while going after another girl…

But then again, she’s pretty. Look:

When you walk up to the statue, you follow a winding staircase which is becoming more and more narrow the higher you get. Eventually, it spirals to a thin end at the back of the statue, and people are of course crowding in this tight space. If you can bear the hassle, you’ll witness the sunset in divine company.

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