Lamia’s parents gave me Understanding Exposure for Christmas. Quite amazingly, some 70 pages or so of the previous edition are actually freely available through Amazon’s Look Inside feature, which helped a lot in judging whether the book would be useful for me.

After reading through the free sample pages, I quickly got the impression that Bryan Peterson has a good approach of talking about exposure and the actual book simply confirms this. Thus it ended up on my Christmas wish list.

While the first 60 pages I read did not tell me something new technically, it tremendously inspired me to work much more in the manual M mode and explore photos beyond the large apertures I tend to use so far in my hunt for natural light, non-tripod shots.

In fact, this afternoon I left the house just to play with minimum apertures – something I have hardly done in the past.

The images are not really something special, but more importantly, I shot both at f/29 to explore depth of field sharpness. Actually, I now much better understand the increased sharpness of photos taken at small apertures. And the M mode, though requiring the extra step of always checking the metered light (something I never did before), is indeed more engaging than the half automatic modes I typically use.
I cannot imagine to use this when things have to be done quickly, however.

While preparing for the second of the two photos shown above, I broke my larger tripod. I got that one in Turkey a few years back as an alternative to my small travel tripod, but I did not spend quality money on it. The heavy 7D cracked the tripod head with ease when I set the shot in portrait mode (my small travel tripod survived, by the way).

Well, there’s something new for the wish list…

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