Many fish in the sea…


The other day our colleague Syd asked us whether we wanted to join him, his wife and his son to visit the River Safari, a rather new addition to the animal parks in Singapore (of which we have seen only the bird park so far). Sure. Why not. We totally forgot about it, of course. I mean, he asked 3 or 4 weeks before the fact, and dude: I am an old geezer now. I cannot keep eating, sleeping and all that crazy stuff those kids throw at me all at the same time in my head. But not to worry: we rarely have anything planned anyway, so when he asked again 2 days ago to confirm, we happily agreed to come (again).

Did I mention he had free tickets? No? Well, that made the decision even easier.

In principle the River Safari is an additional park to the “regular” zoo with all the beasts that I guess did not fit anymore in there. Or more likely: they were racking their brains how to make people pay some additional money on just another park. But to cover up that fact, they’ve included a 10 minutes boat ride, so you think you get more bang for your buck. Now, we could not take that ride, because kids that are shorter than 106 cm are not allowed onto it. But there’s still lots to see by just walking around, of course, and the next few blog entries will show some of the actually really cool wildlife they have here.

Much of it is fish…

… but, uh boy, there is way more.

Let’s do this!


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