The virtues of a nanny


Having Tess with us on this long weekend is great, of course. She takes care of Oskar and we can go hang at the beach and in the sea or go for a nice dinner without having to stress about the baby in a stroller and will he wake up and will he cry or will he get bitten by mosquitoes.

So, today started with a nice family breakfast, then Lamia and I hit the beach while Tess took Oskar for his morning nap. Then we met the two again for Oskar’s lunch after which all of us adults had lunch, too. Lamia and I went for a massage while Tess took once more care of Oskar. When we were done, we all went to the pool together. It’s amazing how much fun Oskar has in the water. When the evening approached we fed him, bathed him and rocked him to sleep. And then Tess babysits while we are having dinner. Wonderful!

And so we could enjoy a nice, relaxing evening treat, including a quick side trip to the beach where the hotel had a fire going:

(Like I said before… quite nice what can be done with an iPhone and Snapseed – admittedly artificial and lots of noise in the photo… but it’s a night shot and really not that bad)

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