Another stylus…


Okay, the moment Pencil was available for international shipping I had my credit card number out faster than you can say “But you do already have some 4 or 5 styli, don’t you?”.

Yeah… that might be.
Actually, it totally is the case.

Anyway. While I love the crazy ass abundance of functionalities that iPad drawing apps like Sketchbook Ink or ProCreate give me, the clutterless purity of Paper is weirdly tempting. Pencil is specifically made for Paper and it has some neat tricks up its sleeve. Okay: the most impressive one – surface pressure, which gives a very “true” pencil like behavior – will be only available with iOS 8 in autumn.

I hope I will find some time to play with this new toy.

I also still want to write my styli review.
Let’s see whether I’ll manage to do this when I find some space in the middle of all the baby photos on this blog…


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