Good reasons to join an unrelated department meeting


So there was this department meeting in Lamia’s section today. Normally I don’t join, but this time there were two reasons why I wanted to. Number one: at one of the evening events of the company offsite Lamia and I joined a few days ago Lamia took embarrassing video footage of her boss on stage and I made a little video based on that (plus some other recent stuff I threw in for free). This won’t mean much to you if you don’t know Christophe, but if you do, here’s a pointer: on stage, he’s the guy on the left:

He took it quite well (actually, I think he was delighted).

More importantly, however, and the main reason I joined this meeting (and tortured myself through (1) a number of presentations that really no living soul should see in their live – ever! – and (2) lost valuable two hours of my working day, which I had to catch up on at night) was that this is where Lamia’s 10 year service award was celebrated.

So very proud of her!
She’s amazing at what she’s doing… I know what you think:

You: Sure he says that – he’s her husband!

But dudes: I’ve worked with Lamia on some of my projects, and husband or not: I can compare. There’s nobody in the office who can do what she does! She’s awesome!

Big thanks to Joy for sharing the link to the family website where I could grab a childhood photo of Lamia that Christophe used to introduce the award (it’s a little visible in the background on the screen, but very blurry). And thanks to Yann, who did the hard work already a while ago to digitize all these photos so it was easy for me to share this shot when they asked my one hour before the meeting (yeah, that’s how well we’re organized here…).

Edit August 10
I wonder whether YouTube is going to cut the audio out – there’s an infamous popular song played in the last 30 seconds. Due to song rights this happened to me before, though now the original music is back in that video and some shitty advertisement is pasted over the footage. That might also happen, let’s see…

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