If I had it my way, I would take a diamond crown


You might recall I had been to the dentist a little while ago to have fillings done for the rampant regression of my gum. While this was annoying and I ended up having two sessions where I spent 400 to 500 Singdollar each, I was happy that I had gotten away that easily: after all my dentist told me that regression aside, my teeth were all good.

The thing is: after my second session one of my molars was acting up. It felt like there was some pressure on it when I was biting with it. Back I went to the dentist and during the first check she told me that this is probably due to too much of the filling material sitting between the teeth. So she was working on it, polished it, ground it down – and it seemed to be better afterwards.

Alas, not good enough.
So, today – 2 weeks later – I was back at the dentist to have her work a little more on that filling. Within 3 months of the treatment reworking and refining the fillings is for free, so I wanted to make sure I am getting all I can out of my money.

And again, she was polishing, grinding… but it did not get better.
It came to the point where I assume the filling was gone and she said:

Dentist: How is it now?
Leo: Yep. Still feel it. Not so much when I bite, but when I release I have a dull pain developing.
Dentist: That’s not good.

Refreshing to meet someone in Asia who is that direct (though, granted, it’s more typical for Indians).
Turns out that I have a crack in that molar. What supposedly happened is that by adding the filling the crack became more noticeable. We did another x-ray which confirmed that the nerve is likely okay and at least I do not need to have this fixed with a root canal.

But I will still need a crown.
My first one. Darn!

So the options for the type of crown are: metal, metal-porcelain and ceramics.

Leo: So if I take metal, will I look like Jaws in the James Bond movies?
Dentist: Sort of…
Leo: Excellent.

In the end I decided for the metal-porcelain option which feels like a good middle way. The molar is in the back of the mouth, but even there I did not want to have a piece of metal being visible. And ceramics are rather expensive.

Now, a crown is being applied in two steps: first they grind off the piece of the denting on which the crown will sit, check for the right shape of it, put a prototype while the final crown is being manufactured and then apply that in a second sitting. Oh, and by the way, they charge 1000+ bucks for the privilege. Phew…

I’ll have the first session next week Thursday.

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