We’ll really never find another condo like ours…


The contract of our current condo is ending in October, so it is now time to start negotiating the conditions for that new contract. We love our place, but as you know, we’ll have the inconvenience of someone digging a whole right in front of our porch.

As reported before, finding a place, however, that comes close to ours in all of the key criteria had proven to be a very difficult task. The previous weekend and this weekend we had been up and about again and looked a different places, including places with a higher rent than what we were willing to consider so far.

Surprisingly, this did not unlock many more options.
We looked at Centro Residences (too expensive, too small), Park Natura (not bad, but in the middle of nowhere), The Beverly (ditto), The Centris (likely the smallest penthouse ever seen and terribly worn down) and The Caspian (the metro running through your sleeping room). I guess the shocking bit is still the utter wastefulness how architects plan condos in Singapore. Why would you need a place where 40% of the surface is outside, unprotected and virtually unusable?

Things were looking up when we visited the brand-new Lakefront Residences. The penthouse was too expensive, but it did not matter. Again: due to poor thinking, poor genetic material or simply poorly fitting condos to the needs of the only population that rents in Singapore (read: expats), this place was too small for us to work out. Amazing view to the lake, though.
The 4 bedroom condo, non-penthouse, would have been affordable plus it still had lake view. The problem: too small overall and we cannot fit our giant couch in the living room. That’s a pity. The place is nice, has a decent MRT link and I guess we could have arranged ourselves with being further away from the city center. We also visited Carabelle, 4 bedroom (too small… again!) and the penthouse. The penthouse would have worked, but it was shocking that a place that is only 5 years old shows such an amount of wear. And despite the ample space: paying 1000-1500 Singdollar more than today for a place we do not fall in love with is not an option.

Net, we ended up with the conclusion that what we have right now is an amazing place at an – for Singapore – insanely low rent. This is of course relative: once the construction starts, we might think differently.

But at the moment it looks like we want to stay where we are and mitigate the risk of an unacceptable situation once construction starts by negotiating a better break lease clause into a new contract (or just renew for one year).

Singapore is a difficult place to find a nice condo.
Especially when you have a big sofa.

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