The Singapore zoo… finally


We are living in Singapore now for nearly 2 years and ever since we came here we said:

Us: We will go to the zoo when we have visitors.

The logic was that if we went to the zoo without visitors, we would be at the zoo virtually all the time, because the zoo is one of the key sights to visit and we were pretty sure that every visitor would want to go. Good thinking. But things did not entirely pan out like that:

Alice dropped by some time in 2012, I think, on her way to a vacation. But we did not hit the zoo.
Claudia and the kids came in June last year. The planned zoo trip was ruined by haze and we went to the fish.
Lamia wanted to go with her parents before Oskar’s birth, but Oskar came early. No time for zoo.
Alice and Ante were here November last year. No zoo.
My parents were here in May. But the zoo was not on the agenda.
Claudia, the kids and Finn traveled through Singapore just a few months ago. Too short for a visit to the zoo.

But finally, with Alex, Silke and Fabian spending a few days with us, we made it: Lamia and I took a day off and we all went to the zoo together. The recent visit to the River Safari, which is virtually next door, was already awesome and we had high expectations – which were not disappointed: this is a wonderful zoo and the enclosures are beautiful.

I took more than 500 photos in a few hours (you gotta love that lens) and even after sorting through I have around 200 left. Just screening and editing these pictures takes a lot of time, so I decided to only single out a few shots, edit them and post them below.

Elephant feeding
You can buy a bucket with fruits and vegetables for 5 Singdollar or so to feed these two elephants. Pretty awesome… but you need to be quick, because they strictly limit how many buckets are sold to ensure the elephants don’t become too fat.

White tiger bath
We were incredibly lucky to be able to watch a very active white tiger. This guy, Omar, was walking around a lot, and took a few occasional baths. So great!

The sea lion “Splash Safari” show
One of the many shows they have at the zoo is the “Splash Safari” show with sea lion Philip. This is a funny and cute show and it is absolutely stunning what this sea lion can do.

The most pleasing back rub ever
But there are also “normal” lions in this zoo. When we came to their enclosure not much was happening. The beasts were lazily sleeping somewhere and hiding out of sight. But then, just when we wanted to move on, this guy started moving – I don’t think I have ever seen a happier lion.

This zoo is tightly watched by meerkats
Love this little guy looking out of the tree hole…

If this guy does not look like the Jungle Book’s King Louie…
… I don’t know who does.

If this guy does not look like Stefan a few years ago…
… I don’t know who does.

Turtle country
They have giant turtles here, but who cares when the baby is so cute?

Animal mix
There are a loads of animals in the zoo, of course, and I am only showing a handful. Easy to spend several days here (ah, look: there’s a real turtle).

The Elephant Work and Play Show
Another show in the zoo is a lovely and funny interaction between these Indian elephants and people. Nicely done. I did not see the whole thing, but I have many more photos than just the two shown here.

A bunch of monkeys
After the elephant show, all of a sudden a monkey burst into the audience and created some uproar. Once people realized the little friend was harmless, they got even more crazy and tried to pet it and take selfies with it. I see more than one monkey on this photo…

That’s it for a collection of photos I took at the zoo. Like the River Safari, this is a great place and warrants more than one visit. Thanks to our nice house guests to finally take us here :)

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