Streaming the stuff which normally clogs your inbox


I wanted to try this out forever but never did till today: creating an iOS photo stream of Oskar into which we can simple dump all the photos and videos we take of the little boy with our phones. The family can subscribe to it, which makes sharing much easier. Another plus: you don’t send emails to everybody and their brother. I have no idea why anyone would not be thrilled by Oskar’s latest baby photos and videos, but then again, now they have the option to just not go to the website. After all, nobody will tell you they want you to stop sending them these photos (again: in our case such folk would be stupid, heartless monsters, but hey: just theoretically and it’s fun to nerd out about that).

So yeah: what a great functionality! This options exists in iOS for quite some time and in the meanwhile, only hours since I created the stream, I have no idea why I did not do this before.

Subscribers can add photos too, if you let them, and while I put maybe 20 or 30 photos and videos just to get started, it took only two hours or so and Lamia had added about 500 more files. Wow…

By the way: we might send less emails to family and friends, but I still will put some on this blog. Live with it!
The below video we took is also part of the stream. It is taken with Instagram Hyperlapse, a pretty impressive way to create smooth hyperlapse videos.

Isn’t that super cool?
(… and yes, I know I am sweating – I was there, you know?)

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