Streaming pixels


I am sharing now most of the photos I take of Oskar on a new photo stream I have created on my iPhone. Pretty cool. The functionality is there for a long time, but only now have I realized that this is perfect to keep the family apprised of Oskar’s antics throughout the day. Works best under iOS or OS X, but… well… even if you use less advanced systems, there is a way to see the stream (you want in? – drop me a note).

For two of the photos I took of him today I wanted to try out how they would look like in black and white.
Here’s Oskar sitting on that big window ledge in our bed room, watching the outside world.

The other one is from our little excursion to Ang Mo Kio park today.

The edits of the photos are alright, but not as good as I had hoped.
What a difference when I create black and white images with the source material only being a jpeg from my iPhone compared to the epic results I can achieve from RAW photos taken with my DSLR. Well, people can say as much as they want and yes, you can take great photos with your smartphone (be it from Apple, Nokia, HTC or whomever). But no: it does not replace a DSLR and it won’t anytime soon.

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