Apple Watch


Yes, the new iPhones 6 and 6+ are cool and awesome. And Apple Pay looks like a good contender in the ring of companies trying to reinvent the wallet. Yet, all not a reason to replace my beloved 5s. But…

… that watch is interesting. I am not saying I must have one now. It’s not that revolutionary and too many questions remained unanswered today. But I am surprised to admit that I am more interested in it than I was when the iPad was unveiled. Back then I wrote:

After seeing the keynote, I am still not (…) super impressed by the iPad, but I have to admit that its speed is pretty neat and the business model is actually quite clever.

Boy, did I change my mind later.
Once I had tried out an iPad, I was totally sold on it. I wonder whether it’s the same with the watch. I watched the keynote right away this morning when I woke up and finished it at the downstairs Starbucks in the office. Seeing the Apple Watch for the first time, made me walk away quite impressed, both of technology and design. This looks much smarter than anything I have seen so far in that new wearables category and there is no doubt in my mind that the Samsungs of this world will copy many of the ideas and add some of their own very quickly which will be a bring a big push for the category.

Is it good enough for me to put on my wrist which I decided does not need any kind of dressing up a few years ago? I am not sure. But I love how Apple thought about the user interface and this is a much bigger deal than when the iPad came out, which was of course very familiar after the iPhone.
If battery life is decent (does not sound like it), it can be used in the swimming pool (does not sound like it) and is really that technically clever and customizable (sounds like it), then I could be an early adopter.

Otherwise not so much.
But then again: it took me 5 minutes with an iPad to change my mind. So I am looking forward to try out the Apple Watch in a few months…

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