“Give that lady something to dress, dude!”


So after Robbie Williams on Saturday whom we missed due to the, erg, high humidity, the concert of Sunday night was  with Jennifer Lopez. Now, I will cut this short: it was not terrible, but this was not a good concert either.

I like some of her songs, a few of them actually quite a bit, and the show and general choreography on stage was really not that bad. But everything felt so fake that it was awkward. Of course JLo loves all of us very much. She loves us so much that she is doing some few seconds long dance thing and makes sure we know that this is “not part of the show” and that she does this only for us as “a little extra” because…

JLo: … I love you so much!

Noise: Huurk! Huurk! Huurk!
(Me, making retching sounds with my finger in my throat)

And then she is solid on memory lane:

JLo: This reminds me so much of when I grew up. In the Bronx! And I was hanging out with my friends. In the Bronx! Checking out the guys passing by. In the Bronx!

Makes you wonder why Elvis called that song “In the Ghetto”…

The other thing that was comical and a little embarrassing, were the, let’s call them: “sexy” parts of the show. Now, let me also say that I think JLo is a stunningly beautiful and sexy woman with an amazing body – which is even more amazing given she is 45 and has two children. Kudos, Ms. Lopez, you got it!

But: even when you are a real sexy MILF, you are pushing it when you crawl over some couch on stage and try some moves that betray the intent to look like a real hot stripper 20 years younger than you. Or when you shake that ass in a dance frenzy. It’s a decent ass, I give you that. And I can tell, because I saw every bit of it on the big video screens, wobbling up and down.

Don’t get me wrong: I am not a prude and I like some good hot stripper action just like the next guy. What I am trying to say is that you can be very sexy without all of what maybe worked well for a younger you a decade back. The way it was, it was still nice to look at but it felt a little sad.

Anyway, just my 2 cents…

I am still glad I can tick the box of having seen a concert of another big act.


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