Walking to the light…


Yep, it’s true. After 2 days in the dry cabinet my 6D has regained full functionality. The one dial that did not work is back to normal, which is great. I tried another lens and focus speed and burst and ISO and… well, a number of functions and they work perfectly fine again

The lens, however, is still, not working.

Upon closer inspection I’m now quite confident that no water got inside the lens (while some droplets must have found their way into the camera body – maybe at the small part at the top which is made from plastic to enable the built-in Wifi and GPS?).

But very likely some water made its way into the mount between camera and lens. I’m now getting an “Err 01” message from the camera when trying to take photos with the mounted lens and this indicates there is a connection issue between the two. So no aperture or focus information is transmitted from the lens to the camera body.

Given other lenses work fine on the 6D, maybe the contacts of the lens need cleaning. Or replacement? There’s Canon service center at Harbourfront Vivocity, so I’ll go there on the weekend.

Maybe they can help…

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