Japanese Lego


Yes, Lamia did bring me a Nanoblock Tyrannosaurus Rex from Japan. And yes, a man needs to focus when he does the assembly. The first time I build a Nanoblock animal was Christmas last year, when Nagi gave one to me (a hippo) and Yann (a flamingo)… I think I have missed writing about this in my blog, but here’s a photo.

I have to say that Nanoblocks, while in the end yielding a pretty cool result, have often significant flaws when it comes to stability of the figurines. And that’s because they are partly (and from all I can tell with intention!) designed… well: stupidly. My hippo for example will break into a million pieces if you do as much as touching it or just look at it funny, because many of the blocks are not assembled interlocked but basically columnar. So the whole thing tends to break easily.

But then again: it’s still fun building these things. And in fact, the Tyrannosaurus is an overall better design, so it should hold up better than the hippo…

With Nanoblocks there is also always lots of leftovers after assembling the beast. Ha-ha – no, I did not miss including anything, you jackass! They’re really left overs! In the case of the T-Rex that makes for some nice rotten carcass to munch on…

Sweet! Thanks, Lamia!

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