Ms Lamia’s feeling for cake


It’s about 10 pm on Saturday night. Tomorrow we’ll host Oskar’s birthday party and we expect 30 to 40 people. I’ve done my share: I’ve arranged a function room and then I went out of Lamia’s way in the afternoon, taking a nice, two hour nap. The fruit of Lamia’s labor, however, looks like this:

Banana Muffins. Coconut cookies. Chocolate-Vanilla cake. Apple-Cinnamon cake. Chocolate-Pear cake. Sponge cake with jam stuffing. Madeleine. Salmon-Dill pie. Tomato-Emmentaler pie. She has slaved for 6 hours in the kitchen. I am blown away! I know what you think. But hey: I am not completely useless. I found a way to attach the candle on top of the sponge cake:

Nice, eh? Anyway. So, you’ve seen the photos and you’ve seen the pure, massive, insane quantity of cake. I smartly took the above two photos just to post them on Facebook. I mean, I gotta warn our friends and colleagues that they know we have expectations when they come tomorrow. And then this little conversation happens:

Lamia: Do you think this is enough?
Leo: What the… sure it is! Can’t you see the table is bending?
Lamia: Tell me again: how many people are coming tomorrow?
Leo: Dunno… 30? 40?
Lamia: I think this is not enough…
Leo: WHAT?!
Lamia: I think I should make another cake…
Leo: Honey! It’s past 10. Time to get some sleep!
Lamia: I’ll quickly make one!
Leo: Honey? Honey! … ah, off she goes…

And then she made a tuna cake.

I’ve got an amazing wife.
Insanely crazy, too – yes.
But bloody, darn amazing!

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