Oskar’s first birthday party


Lamia had made a cake, or two.
I got balloons and ice cubes to cool the drinks.

Lamia: Get me the function room an hour early!

And I got the function room 1 1/2 hours early.
Don’t want to say anything, but I think it’s pretty clear who’s doing most of the work here…

While I arranged all of that, Tess and Lamia did a great job in cutting all the cakes, the fruits and also the carrots and cucumber. Oskar was napping, Lamia took a well-deserved shower and Tess and I started to carry the gazillion of plates and things over to the function room. Seeing that this would take forever, I called Kimiko for help and soon enough the three of us were balancing cake piles from our apartment to the party place, did some decoration and put chairs.

The frames show a photo collection of Oskar with different people, many of whom we invited, of course.
Oh, and here’s some food:

It got close to 3 pm and nobody was there, yet.
I seem to have a childhood birthday party trauma and I always think nobody will show up when I invite people. If you want to see whether anybody came and if so, who was first, click below for the full story.

It was somehow fitting that the first guest was…

… the person who brought Oskar to the light: Claudine, our fantastic gynecologist.
And while we were waiting for more guests to come, Oskar helped a little with the chairs.

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