The next round is on Oskar!


Leo: You gotta help me! Lamia has made so much cake – it’s madness. MADNESS! You gotta eat all of this now! Or do you want me to just explode from stuffing my face with cake?!

Looks like most of Oskar’s guests yesterday were hoping for an exciting explosion.

Nah, kidding!
It’s not that me gently encouraging people to help themselves generously to cake and treats did not work. In fact, they were eating lots of the great food Lamia had prepared. It was just too much even for that crowd…

So I did what every good office drone is doing in this situation:
I brought a collection of the cakes to the office. This always works. It’s like there are little, really hungry elves hiding in our pantry, waiting to be fed.

Status at 8 am, 9 am, 10:30 am and noon.

The elves loved the treats.
I’ll bring another load tomorrow…

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