Flat Stanley has a lot to tell…


Later today when we were back in Singapore I got cracking on Flat Stanley’s travel report for Franziska’s class exercise. To remind you

Most students certainly picked family or friends in the US and the letter from the school suggested to take photos of typical US sights. Franziska, however, has picked us, which is great. But in Singapore the only US sight we could think of was the embassy or a can of Coke. Luckily, local sights and a few words about the country if not the US are acceptable, too, of course.

With Stanley arriving just before we left for Indonesia, it was an easy decision to simply bring him with us and take photos of him in Borobudur. Tonight I quickly put the pictures into a Pages document and wrote a little story to go with them. You can download the whole thing as PDF here or just click on the picture above.

I had to rush a bit, because while Stanley arrived only on Thursday last week, he has to be back in California this coming Friday. So I will print this story tomorrow, put it into an envelope and ship it as quickly as possible back to the US.

I don’t want Franziska to be the one student whose Flat Stanley arrives late…

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