Just on time delivery [Updated]


I was steadily checking how Flat Stanley crossed the Pacific and was quite delighted when I saw he got delivered yesterday – just two days after I had sent him out. How cool is that? – thank you, DHL!

But then I looked at the delivery place. Fremont? That’s not right. Fremont is an hour from the actual delivery location! I first thought that this was not yet a final destination tag, but upon looking closer, the tracking report stated “signed” and everything. Hum. So I checked with Bernhard on Google Hanghouts this morning, asking whether there was a way to check with the school whether Stanley arrived or not.

Bernhard: I have a better idea…

And he fired up a video chat with Franziska (keep in mind: when I called them it was still Friday night in California).

And the two of them told me what what had happened:
Just that very Friday, Franziska’s class made a trip to the post office so the students learn about the post and stuff. And they were also shown the box where all the mail for the school arrives at. I am not sure whether there was hardly any mail in that box when the class visited or whether it was just a freak coincidence. But when they looked, there was that bright yellow DHL envelope, easy to spot.
Addressed to the school.
With Franziska’s name on it!

Franziska: *This is mine!* *This is mine!*

Crazy, isn’t it?
And I even had time to spare: it’s only coming Tuesday when the class will look at all the Flat Stanleys that came back.

Sometimes it’s wonderful how things just work out.

Update October 15:
Franziska did get the envelope on Tuesday and I’m told she read the story to the class. If I can trust what I’ve heard she loved it, but she did not get why I wrote about her “cheap uncle”. Bernhard explained to me that she understood I had obviously put a lot of effort into this, so I am everything else but cheap.
She’s really a smart girl :)

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