Lens doctor [Update]


My beloved 70-300 mm L lens is broken.
After taking it through a massive car wash I could not get a connection between my 6D and the 70-300 anymore. The 6D tried to be helpful, suggesting I should clean the contacts. But that didn’t do it. Neither a month in the dry cabinet.

Today I finally decided to cut my losses and go to the Canon Service Center at Harbourfront. Harbourfront station is conveniently located at the end of the MRT line which is virtually passing by our place. But the service center would be still bloody difficult to find if you did not read the directions on the website (which I randomly did – I guess I saved myself 2 hours of angered search).

They didn’t do an immediate check at the service center, however. They kept the lens and will give me a call in 5 to 10 days to tell me what’s wrong and how much I need to pay to fix it. I hope it’s just the electronics which sit at the mount of the lens and replacing them should not cost too much money… well, “not too much” in the big picture, given it’s an expensive lens, after all. But they will also check for water inside the lens and if that is the case, I might be very well screwed!

Well, let’s wait and see…

Update November 12:

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