A surprise for Lamia… well, and for me


Our Sunday mornings look normally like this:
We get up just before 7 am, and while I am slowly putting first one foot and then another foot out of the bed, Lamia takes care of Oskar. Then I am setting up the play mat, Lamia goes to the gym, I do breakfast with Oskar and play with him, then Lamia comes back and takes a shower and once she is done I am taking my shower.

Yes, the exciting routine of young parents. And if this was not like living crazily on the edge already, this morning I thought I’d prepare a little surprise for Lamia: I recently printed 40-ish photos of Oskar. I decided to replace the dark, moody Monet that is still hanging in Oskar’s room with a colorful collage of all these photos. That should be nice, no?

I took off the frame, removed the print of the Monet and positioned all the photos as good as I could manage. What a darn piece of work! But didn’t that look nice when I was proudly finished and somehow, magically, all the photos fit nearly perfect into the frame?

Oskar liked it as well:

As a final step, the frame had to get back on the wall.
Only then did I notice what had happened behind it in the past months: remember when we had that problem with mold after being out for a few weeks? And then again later we discovered some more when we remodeled Oskar’s room?

Yep: the same yellowish stains were all over the part of the wall which had been covered.

The f**k!

So, first I went thermonuclear on that shit and cleaned the wall with every chemical we had stored below the kitchen sink. And I did the same behind some of the other frames we have in the house. None of them were hit as bad, but you could see slight yellow stains there, too.
Next, I had to remove all the photos from the frame that I had painstakingly placed before, of course. Ah, that was the worst! But even though this is a good frame, my motivation to keep it is zero and I am going to throw it out! Molderfucker!

So, yes. When Lamia came back from the gym, there was a surprise.
Not exactly what I had planned for…

Edit 10:05 pm:
In the afternoon we went to IKEA, bought a new frame and I spent the evening to place all the photos again. And then I realized that in a cheap IKEA frame photos do not sit as nicely as in the other one and once I was putting it upright, all the photos slid down (I am not 100% sure why they did not slide in the “Monet” frame, but that frame had a glass pane vs a plastic pane in the one from IKEA and it seemed to be a little sticky).
This was only upsetting for a moment, because I had anyhow forgotten to remove the protective film that sits on both sides of the plastic pane and prominently has a pattern printed on it, saying “PE-LD”. So, what could I do? I had to place all the photos for a third time and finally got it right.

I will put a photo on the blog tomorrow…

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