Me and Kate without Guy


A week+ ago our colleagues from the United Kingdom were celebrating UK Day in the office. They had booths for the different parts of the kingdom that are represented by the origin of these colleagues, including Brits, Scots, Welsh and Irish.

There was a photo booth and Marc took this shot of me:

The UK Day is a seemingly weird celebration.
I could not recall at first which day it actually happened on so I first tried to look it up online to remind myself of the date. But it turns out there is no official UK national day, which I thought the UK Day was. What the UK Day actually is, is also known as “Guy Fawkes Day”. Guy Fawkes, the guy who tried to blow up the House of Lords on 5th November 1605 and whom you might know from the ubiquitous Guy Fawkes masks used for the “Occupy” movements or the “Anonymous” group (would have been nice to have his mask for the photo instead of the corny UK shades I put on above). And because Guy and his fellow co-conspirators failed to set up fireworks, the UK celebrates this every year on November 5 with actual fireworks.

The food was mostly not great, by the way…

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