Creative explosion [Update]


My latest attempt to kindle some creative outburst from the organization was not off to a good start. I had somehow thought that the “Beloved Creature” theme should enable anyone to draw something, big or small. I truly believed this setup would increase the amount of contributions.

But my Godzilla remained quite lonely for a while. One person had given him a speaking bubble, a cigar and a Starbucks mug by Monday evening. By Wednesday the Japanese had added some monsters and cartoon characters.

Smaller additions happened on Thursday, but that was it. Weirdly, nobody seemed to think that using the white space with something not related to my first drawing would be “acceptable”.

Until tonight at around 5 pm.
Suddenly the remaining space was used explosively. See for yourself (clickable):

Pretty awesome, huh?
A few hours earlier I thought I would take down the drawing on Monday morning and think of something new. Now I will keep this there for a few more days, so more people can enjoy this. And then this might kick off some more contributions.

I also liked that the guy who I think drew the razor took a photo of the drawings.

Quite cool…

Update November 24:
Quite annoying. It looks like the cleaning lady has wiped off the board this morning. What the…?! It’s a new cleaning lady – the regular one had asked me about this a while ago and I told her not to erase the board. I do find it mind boggling that you need to tell someone that this is obviously not for cleaning in the first place. But then again, she’s just doing her job,

Really a pity that not more people had a chance to seen the above.
And a pity that this will potentially discourage the previous contributors to build on the next one…

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