Minion and company


I wrote in an update to the previous post that I was mildly disappointed someone had wiped off the board with all those nice drawings. Today I actually talked to my prime suspect, the cleaning lady, asking her point blank whether it had been her, erasing the board.

And yes, it was her.
I ensured her that it was not a big deal, but that I’d rather her not wipe off the white board again. Please.

Now, since the destruction on Monday morning, someone (not me) had drawn a little Minion from Despicable Me  on the board:

And this morning I had a meeting with Stefano for which he was late. So I added the only thing you can add to a drawing of a Minion (or at least I think so… I actually have not seen the movie :) ):

Not a great rendering, but not bad for a few minutes work either.
And apparently close enough for most people to recognize Gru.

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