The Internet of Things


A few months ago I’ve ordered a Vessyl. This little gadget will only be delivered next year, but what this clearly tells you is how much I dig devices which try to find a use for the abundance of sensors that can be now built into products at pretty low cost.

The other thing I got sort of interested in is Apple’s iOS Health app. Maybe it’s because I am getting older and more conscious about staying (reasonably) healthy. But again, I am fascinated with how the sensors in your phone are used to provide useful health information for the user.

While Apple’s Health app is nice but not that compelling (at least at the moment), I wondered how I could populate more of the possible inputs it can process. The Apple Watch might be a good input device, but this is still a few months out and I am still not sure whether I will buy one or not (I am more tempted than I was at time of its unveiling, however).

Then I came across Withings Smart Body Analyzer Scale. It takes your weight, your heart beat and measures body fat. And: it connects via Bluetooth to your phone and transfers the data to the Withings Health Mate app which also syncs with Apple Health (I am still using Apple’s Health app for the overview, but Withings app is arguably better designed and gives nicer overviews).

I got the scale 2 weeks ago and I really enjoy weighing myself in the morning and checking on my vital signs. I know: nerdy stuff the world don’t need, but boy do I think that’s cool!

The scale also gives information on the CO2 level in the room and what the weather will be like. This feels less useful, even to me, but I am sort of interested to see how the CO2 data is tracking over time and whether I can take anything useful away from it.

Anyhow: the Internet of Things is here and it’s going to become only bigger…

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