Oh, that’s Saudi Arabia…


Leo: Wow – look at this. Where are we right now?
Flight attendant: I honestly do not know…

This is the desert in Saudi Arabia.
The light and the sky were great during our flight so I could take this stunning shot from the window at the galley. Now, in the past we would have likely missed that. But with Oskar on a flight that takes roughly 14 hours you cannot turn into a vegetable and watch four movies till the plane touches down in Paris.

A child requires a lot of attention and in the confines of a plane, this is quite a feat (I honestly have new won respect for Patzi and Claudia who I think both flew alone with two toddlers in the past). And Oskar only slept 2+ hours during the flight. So we had a lot of climbing up and down the seat, carrying him back and forth the aisles and trying to find ways to entertain him with the toys we brought, which after 30 minutes felt scary limited already.

Having said that, the flight went actually quite okay and we were lucky to sit in a front row with bassinet and having access to three seats. The flight attendants even praised Oskar for being so cute (duh – ‘course he is!) and well behaved. He did have times when he was crying and screaming for a minute (which is a bit embarrassing in a flight where everybody wants to sleep). The flight attendants assured us, however, that there are cases where the baby is screaming non-stop from take off to landing. God… if this is true I do not know how the baby makes it alive through the journey.

Now we’re in Paris and we’re all dead tired.
I hope Oskar will adopt well…

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