The first night


The night was terrible.
In fact, the evening was already terrible. But from the beginning.

After we had arrived in Paris Charles De Gaulle we got our luggage and picked up our rental car. I know I am risking a family crisis here, but while Charles De Gaulle might be a nicely designed airport, sign posting must have been done by utter morons. I think it’s even worse than Frankfurt. How hard can it be to give clear directions on signs (answer: apparently it’s too hard for people in charge at CDG)?

Luckily we got an upgrade at Sixt after we had found the car rental stations. Instead of the Peugeot 3008 (or similar) we had booked, we got a fully spec’d out Opel Zafira which despite being bigger just has enough space to conveniently place all our luggage.
Now, in general I don’t like Opel. I’ll admit this is mostly due to the reputation the company got through years of American mismanagement. But if I was in the market for a car, I would normally not even consider an Opel. Now I might: the Zafira we got is a brillant car! Very little to complain about (not sure how the display brightness is set and what logic it follows when it dims), drives fantastically and is very practical.

Anyway. I wanted to talk about the evening and the night.
After a short drive we arrived at Joïakine and Yann’s. And while we had expected Oskar might be cranky after the long journey, this does not describe the state he was in when we started his evening routine. He screamed and yelled when we changed him, when we bathed him and when we tried to take him to bed. Quite rough when you consider that he was the sweetest boy you can imagine in the past weeks and months.

During the night he woke up a few times of course and our night ended at 3:30 am.
I guess that’s what a jet lag does to you…

But he’s doing good now and I hope it will go better tonight.

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