I am just so tired…



The day sort of went by in a blur.
We drove from Paris to Brussels. We arrived at Alice and Ante’s place where we met cute little Amelia for the first time.

Lamia and Alice: We have decided that Amelia and Oskar are going to get married…
Leo: What are you? – Indian?!

We went shopping at the nearby Carrefour and were delighted to find an abundance of yoghurt. You cannot find that kind of choice in Singapore!

That Greek pear yoghurt from Danone is a keeper, I tell you that!

Later I passed by the office, which was a funny feeling.
I met a few of the folks, but I realized that coming back after two years is no as straight forward as I had thought. Things changed and you are excited to see everybody, but the moment you talk to one person, the next one is passing by, pretty much switching the conversation back to zero:

Leo: Yes, living in Singapore is expensive…
Next person: Hey, I did not know you’d be here! How’s Singapore?!
Leo: Oh, it’s really nice. Always sunny…
Next person: What’s the temperature there?
Leo: Well, typically 30 ± 2 dC… the lowest we have is maybe around 25 dC…
Next person: Hey, you here? Cool… how’s Singapore?!
Leo: Well, Singapore is nice and…
Next person: How’s work?!
Leo: Erg… it’s good… you know…
Next person: Oh, long time no see? Are you back? How’s Singapore?
Leo: It’s… hum… nice…
Next person: Must be expensive to live in Singapore, eh?

And then restart at the top.
But that’s okay – it was great to see everybody, but it was impossible to do anybody justice, especially my close buddies. And there were a few folks like Thierry whom I would have liked to have a few words with, but just did not manage.

Then in the evening Alice had invited some former colleagues over for dinner. This overlapped with us putting Oskar to bed, which again proved to be super difficult (in the end only Lamia could manage, of course). With all the lack of sleep, I currently “close shop” around 7:30 pm, which means I was not really a pleasant dinner guest. In fact I was just trying to keep my eyes open and not say anything stupid.

Time to turn in and get some rest.
And hopefully Oskar will sleep through…

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