Slumber party


In the evening we drove to Hilal, Levent and… gosh! I have no idea when I last saw Ada

We first had to get Oskar bed ready, however, which means we had to bath him and put him into his jammies, so he would be ready to fall asleep in the car. He did fall asleep in the car, but getting so far was horrible. When your child yells at you 80% of the time, you really understand how there can be baby homicides.

We arrived at Hilal and Leven’t place with a sleeping Oskar in the car, but I was exhausted and worried. I was constantly thinking of what was happening to my baby and what is wrong.

Hilal and Levent were lovely as always and though I should not need this reassurance, I was grateful when Hilal said:

Hilal: You look so worried… please don’t. Trust me: we’ve been through the same thing with Ada when we went to New York. He’ll be fine. He’s not broken. And he won’t remember any of this. So stop worrying!

I still worried.
But I felt a little better.

We had a nice evening, it was great to see Ada who has grown so much and Oskar slept in one of the rooms for maybe 2 hours. He woke up at the same time Hilal took Ada to bed and when I came upstairs to calm him, I found Hilal already holding and hugging him. This was really an image that made me smile…

We did not manage to get him back to sleep there, so Lamia and I decided to call it a night and return home (I was anyhow once more nearly falling asleep right there on the sofa). Luckily he fell once more asleep in the car and we managed to transfer him from the car seat to his bed rather smoothly.

Let’s see how this night will go.

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