The third night


Okay, this is not getting better here.

Taking Oskar to sleep the night before had been a struggle already. He woke up again at night and we were awake very early. Again.

The above is a near quote from Bill Watterson, by the way, and it stems from one of the many great stories of Calvin & Hobbes. This one’s from the episode where Calvin gets lost in the zoo.

I start thinking that we somehow broke our child.

I know it’s stupid, but I worry. When Oskar is upset right now, he is really upset and he is yelling and screaming as if someone wants to rip out his toe nails. He also gets upset about the smallest things, like if we refuse to pick him up and carry him around, we have the waterworks coming. Not easy, neither for Lamia, nor for me.


Deep breath…

Deeeeeep breath…

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