Boys night out


In the morning we once more dropped by the office to close our Belgian accounts at the company branch of the ING bank and say hi to some of our old colleagues. This time we had Oskar with us, and he naturally created quite the swirl. Not only with our colleagues but also at the reception.

Receptionist: You know, children are actually not allowed on site…

We managed to sneak him in anyway.

While the nice folks at the bank took care of shutting down our accounts, we did the tour through our former offices again. I have to say I really, really miss so many of my colleagues here.

In the evening Stefaan picked me up to take me downtown for drinks with some folks, including Jimmy and Francisco (pity Moustafa could not make it). Unfortunately I was useless as of 7 pm, of course. Just as during the last few days, my brain is turning off around that time and expects a nice, warm pillow to rest on.

The boys were nice enough about it, but it’s a shame that after finally seeing them again after more than 2 years, I was figuratively an empty shell (more so than normal). I wrote an email to them the next day to apologize, and if you wonder why I love them, see here Francisco’s reply:

Actually it sucked.

It was super crowded, took me over 1h30 to get to you guys (normally a 10min drive), […], got socked wet on my way to the car, still had to do a detour to drop Jimmy (that’s what’s friends do – no biggie mr jimmy!) and finally it took me 2h30 to get home (2h stuck on the highway due to road works, so in bed at 1h am). Couldn’t have been worse.

Oh and that’s without mentioning that because I got home so late, I got up late the day after too, and on my way to work I’ve accelerated and that got me a nice mug shot (or at least of my car plate)… bet that’s gonna be 100+Eur.

But it was still totally worth it to see you mr. wolf (and you guys too) – And u know I mean it.

I’m gonna buy Francisco and the guys a bucket with beer next time we meet :)

Man hugs all around!

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