The fifth night


… was awesome!
Oskar slept! He slept!
Oh my god: my boy slept through the night!
I am so happy!

What a difference a full night of sleep makes!
I am still tired, but I truly believe that I can see Oskar adapting.

In the meantime we have realized that the biggest problem in the past days was probably not the jet lag but the significant change of environment we have forced on Oskar. It’s easy to forget that he basically stays at our home in Singapore 24/7. So jerking him out of this familiar and safe environment and putting him into several new ones in the course of just 48 hours – plane, Paris, Brussels – with many different people and new habits (e.g. cold weather and different clothes) likely caused the crankiness, the fear and the confusion.

I’m not so naive to assume this is over already, but I can see that he is getting back to his “normal” self. He’s cute and sweet most of the day and he clearly makes less of a fuss. It’s now the afternoon and I can tell there is a big difference compared to the recent days.

And while I could have expected this from a purely logical perspective, I was just not sure about it. So seeing the change is filling me with overwhelming relief. To be fair, I could see this already starting yesterday afternoon when I spent half the day with him and he was already “back to normal”, though a little cranky in the evening.

Taking a step back and looking at myself, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that in the last days I’ve virtually moved from completely irrational worries (from “child broken” via “mental” via “autistic”) to “I’m just an overly worried moron”.

But, quite frankly, I could imagine worse than being that kind of moron.

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