I have many friends in Belgium and I feel like being an ass that I did not manage to see at least the majority of them while staying here.

In fact, I’ve only met a few. I thought that I would be able to get in touch with more while we’re here, but with being jet lagged and Oskar taking a lot of our attention while he was adjusting to quickly changing environments, time was slipping through our fingers. And suddenly it is Friday – our last day in Belgium. Now it feels like we hardly managed to see anyone.

Today afternoon we are going to return to Paris and tomorrow we’ll fly to Brest.
So it was only fitting to spend this morning downtown Brussels.

I cannot help but note that while I miss so many friends and colleagues in Belgium, I do not miss Brussels. Not one bit. In the last few days I’ve experienced many of the things I was annoyed with here before moving to Singapore: the shitty weather in winter (ok, that’s not Brussels specific, but somehow I link this to Brussels), poor drivers (also not specific to Brussels but there’s a concerning amount of them here on the streets) and of course the $%#@*! traffic. Let me say this again: the fucking traffic!

It seems that traffic has become even worse in the past 2 years and if I follow the news correctly, this is not going to change: due to its inefficient government structure and also due to regional pride that seems to border to the insane, I am certain Belgium must collapse at one point.

While the things that annoy me remained the same, I also admit that there are things which are stunning, indeed. The Grand Place remains the most beautiful square I’ve seen in my life. Even in shitty weather.

(It has even become better, now that there’s a Starbucks :) ).

I don’t think the Manneken Pis is that impressive, but it’s of course something you must see when in Brussels. So we took Oskar there.

Not that he cared. And yes, it was cold and rainy – just in case that was not clear.

After that we went to Lamia’s favorite waffles place, Maison Dandoy. To warm up and, of course, to have waffles.

I like this photo of Alice and Amelia:

And even though I am obviously tired like a dog on this photo, I love it because Oskar is so darn cute. I could look at him for hours.

Fortunately, my tired face is less obvious on the following shot:

Afterwards we drove back to Alice’s place, Lamia and I finished packing and then we were on the road to Paris.

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