Maman is #1


Oskar has overcome his jet lag and the change of environment panic by now. What is not different versus Singapore is the separation anxiety. This means that to the dismay of his grandparents he is extremely focused on and only wants to be carried by Lamia and myself – especially Lamia.

Good thing is he sleeps through most nights, though last night was painful.
He woke up first at 10 pm and then again at 1:30 am. I spent an hour with a not really unhappy, but somehow extremely awake child. Then Lamia took over for at least the same amount of time. Eventually she figured out he was teething.

Ah. That figures…
Lamia of course eventually managed to get him to sleep – because that’s what Lamia, and only Lamia, does.

I guess that’s why she’s #1 for him.

And for me, mind you…

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