An afternoon in Quimper [Update]


In the afternoon Lamia, Oskar, Nagi and I drove to visit Elie, Houda, Jad and Daad in the area of Quimper. On the way there we quickly passed by Armor Lux to check for clothes – I did not find anything, but they have a nice collection of more or less maritime wear. Maybe next time.

Having arrived at out destination, Oskar was curiously exploring every corner of the place with having special interest in the fire place (of course!) and anything that can easily break (go figure…). Other things of interest were likewise obvious…

I like the next photo. Very nice light and expression…

As to be expected he was not more cooperative with anyone who’s not Maman or Papa than at Lamia’s parents place. That’s apparently quite common for his age, but I think it was still a little disappointing for everybody, especially Daad.

It was a nice afternoon, of course, and there was still room for some fun with Oskar.
For a few days now Nagi has introduced a throw-your-hands-up-in-the-air gesture for Oskar, which is combined with a  big “uuuuh-laaaa” or “olé” sound. Sure enough it took not long and the whole living room was full of flying hands and many uh’s and ah’s.

Playing peekaboo around the sofa also worked quite well to keep the little guy entertained…

We stayed until 5 pm or so, then we had to leave to make it home on time for Oskar’s evening routine.
Before we left I took this photo of him behind the curtains which is pretty cool:

The drive home was rather painful: Oskar was crying a lot and it looks like he was uncomfortable due to the teething. Once I had him working on a teething cracker, he was all happy again.

Let’s see how the night goes…

Update Dec 19th:
The night was fine.
Oskar slept through.

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