Look at that happy smile


We have arrived in Germany.
The trip from Brest to Stuttgart via Paris was not eventful, but it was damn long after all: we left Brest around 11 am and we arrived at my parents home just before 8 pm.

We all are tired, so I will not write much more.
Except: I have to talk about Oskar’s little encounter with a Cuban girl.

So, we were at Charles De Gaulle and had 2 hours to kill. Naturally we ended up having Oskar running around and one of us chasing behind him. During one of his excursions he met a cute little 2-year old girl from Cuba. She was very outspoken and, well, I must say: kinda lose.

I love the happy smile of Oskar after getting the kiss.

He was so excited and I am sure he would have liked to say something to her. Or exchange email addresses. Or friend her on Facebook. Or whatever the kids do these days…

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