Big sausages


Today is already the last day of the Christmas market in Ludwigsburg, so after the Porsche museum we drove to Ludwigsburg to enjoy this small and cozy Christmas market. A Christmas market is always nicest in the evening, but we did not want to take Oskar here late, of course.

The most important thing that Lamia was after should have been available anyhow throughout the day:

Lamia: Where’s the one meter sausage?
Leo: I told you: it’s a half meter sausage in a bun!
Lamia: No, no: you said one meter!
Leo: Did not!
Lamia: Did too!

Well, you know how this goes: a husband can only lose this fight.
We eventually found the promised half meter sausage, though it’s not the one on this photo:

We also had the Glühwein, of course, and some of the typical sweets you can get on a Christmas market. Alex was great and did not only entertain Lamia’s parents in his despicably good French but also with different treats available on the market.

After a few rounds we called it a day and Lamia’s parents drove back to Stuttgart to visit another museum while Lamia, Oskar and I dropped off Alex and returned to my parents’ place.

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