Pig climber


When Germany won the World Cup I wanted to order jerseys of die Mannschaft, too.
I know what you think: those bloody fake fans who only get the merchandise when the team wins something and don’t care the rest of the time.

Yep. That’s me.

Anyway, so I wanted went to the official fan shop and wanted to order two jerseys.
But even though they deliver to a crazy collection of countries big and small, they do not deliver to Singapore. I was writing to the shop back then…

[…] Ich wollte gerade online ein WM2014 Trikot im Fanshop kaufen, aber in der Länderliste fehlt Singapur. Das ist ein bisschen frustrierend: die Liste beinhaltet alle möglichen und unmöglichen Länder, aber Singapur kommt nicht vor. Ist ja nicht gerade Taka-Tuka Land hier… […]
… but amazingly the DFB really does not ship to Singapore.
[…] das tut uns Leid, aber wir liefern auch in andere Länder wie Japan, nicht.
This really ticked me off, to be honest.
[…] Das ist zwar nicht nachvollziehbar und offen gesagt eine ziemlich seltsame Erklärung, aber wenn der DFB nicht weiss wie man ein Paket nach Singapur und Japan schickt kann man natürlich nichts machen.

This was in July and now that I was traveling to Germany I felt quite confident that they would at least know how to ship a parcel within Germany. I picked two World Cup jerseys, both the home and the away jersey. For the home jersey, however, I wanted to have a player’s name on the back. I thought hard about that and eventually picked Bastian Schweinsteiger who had impressed me quite a bit throughout the Cup. I considered other names, but locked eventually on Schweinsteiger.

When we arrived in Germany the shirts had already arrived, but I only unpacked them yesterday. And while I was aware when making the name choice that it might lead to some mockery, I did not expect that the source of the mockery would be my…
Mom: Schweinsteiger?! Du hast den Schweinsteiger auf dem Shirt?
Leo: Öh, ja – warum nicht?
Mom: Mensch! Der Schwaaainsteiger! Der Schweini!
Mom: Das kannst Du mit 14 tragen, aber doch nicht mit 40…
Leo: …
Mom: Da wird sich die Lamia ja freuen wenn Du damit neben hier herläufst…
Lamia had a different interest at first, though.
Lamia: Schweinsteiger? “Schwein”?
Leo: Yes…
Lamia: What does this mean?
Leo: Well, literally it would be “pig climber”…
Yep, and now I had two women teasing me about that shirt, of course. But whatever – I stand by my choice! I put on the home jersey myself tonight and put the away jersey on Oskar for a photo:
Oskar climbing the pig… that’s one for the family album.

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  1. super “Schweinsteiger” hatte in einer herausragenden Rolle gespielt.
    Steiger ist eine Berufsbezeichnung im Bergbau.

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