Porsche Museum Stuttgart


I’ve been to the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart twice before – once with Lamia. It’s a great place to visit and it arguably makes sense to take a first time visitor of Stuttgart there. We still took Lamia’s parents to the Porsche Museum instead. Porsche has cool cars, too, you know, and well: we have not been there, yet.

Alex joined us as well – Silke and Fabian could not come due to Fabian’s pneumonia. Lamia, Oskar and I picked him up and quite surprisingly we made it in just 15 minutes from Remseck to the museum where Lamia’s parents were already waiting for us.

Now, the Porsche Museum is very nice, though it falls short compared to the vastness, architectural greatness and historical context of the Mercedes Benz Museum. More after the break…

Frankly, I did not take too many photos. I’ve realized at the Mercedes Benz museum a few years back already that I had quite some trouble to find interesting ways to frame shots of cars which basically stand in a big hall, resulting in overlapping motives and lots of people marching through your photo.

So while I took these few photos during the visit, I did not bother too much to take the time to explore and find great scenes, to be honest. I also felt I had to look out for Oskar, even though Lamia and her parents were mostly looking after him.

And I wanted to talk to Alex a little, too, of course.

Oskar was a bit cranky and feeding was a challenge, but we still had a good time.
The below is a photo of the group standing on a vibration plate that emulates the engines of a certain car. Pretty cool effect.

I also really like this stair case that leads from the entrance to the museum:

To really appreciate the museum I guess I need to come back and use the audio guide. It was still a nice visit. At the souvenir shop we bought Oskar a Porsche themed plastic duck for the bath tub and after that we went back to the cars to go and find some food.

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