All within an arm’s length


Now that Nagi is retired I have the impression he even increased the quantity and length of his infamous walks. Lamia wanted to give a retirement gift and a Fitbit Flex sounded like a good present for such an avid walker. The Flex wristband has a convenient pedometer function and also indicates distance walked, can track calories burned and also checks sleep quality.

The first challenge had been of course to check whether Nagi’s phone is compatible with the Fitbit in the first place. Even though a dongle is included in the box and thus enables syncing with your PC or Mac, what you really want is to have this data on your phone right away. If he had had an iPhone, the answer would have been easy (“yes”), but with Android… uh boy – not so clear.
So I had to nick his phone and figure out what model it is (a Samsung S3 Mini) and whether it can connect to a Fitbit (it can).

Subsequently, Lamia arranged for the Fitbit to be sent to my parent’s place and today, when Nagi and Feli visited for the first time, she handed it over.

Curious to see how many kilometers he is walking in a week or month…

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