Gift giving (part 2)


Yesterday night’s gift giving was exclusively for the adults, so we had another session for Oskar today, of course. He was showered with little presents, of which these ones here were the most scary on the longterm:

Oskar already has one of these vtech cars, the Bulldozer, which my mom got for him. I gave her a lot of shit about the very German singsong and babble this thing makes, including the legendary:

Bulldozer: Ich. Bin ein Bulldozer. Ein ganz grosser und sehr starker. Ich räum gern die Strasse frei. Auf, an die Arbeit!

Seriously, can this thing be any more German?!
But despite my parental bitching, Oskar really likes that Bulldozer. And so we all foolishly got him more of these noisy little things for Christmas. He already received a racing car that speaks French in Brest and as of today he also has a regular car, a police car and a helicopter (twice). And they all bellow their tunes like a drunken sailor and it’s virtually killing every brain cell you have.

But he seems to really like it.
Naturally, if we switch one on, we have to switch all the others on, too. What then happens is a nerve wrecking, chaotic chorus that will make you want to kill someone. Luckily, what can be switched on, can be switched off… but how long until he figures out what that little black lever on the car does?


Anyway, another big collage after the break, this time of Oskar’s Christmas gifts.

He got some other stuff besides those bloody cars, mind you, but somehow I only got shots of him playing with that stuff.

Tess is going to hate us…

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