German Christmas tradition: a trip to the ER


Oskar started to have fever already yesterday, which we treated with the usual: I got paracetamol and also some cough syrup to help with the mean coughing he developed and which kept all of us awake at night.

It sucks when your kid cannot sleep.

This (early) morning the fever hit 39 dC and this combined with the cough made us go for the trip to the ER. Again. It’s actually funny to read that entry from a year ago, especially given the reaction of one of the nurses:

Nurse: I remember you. Weren’t you here a year ago?

I guess writing a Singaporean home address in the form is memorable.

While we were waiting for the doctor Oskar enjoyed the the wooden motorcycle (which Lamia cleaned with a wet wipe under the surprised murmur of some other patients – but hey: it was dirty).

There were more people waiting…

My dad was great: when we told him in the morning we had to go to the ER again, he had us in the car in no time.

We were worried about the fever because tomorrow is Oskar’s baptism and we were already seeing ourselves standing in the church with a crying, coughing baby. Snot dripping from the nose and the baptismal water evaporating at once as it touches his head.

The doctor was okay, I guess. She did not find any problems with the lung, the ears or the throat and suggested honey against the cough. While we had already read during the night that honey is a good way to fight a cough, Oskar surprisingly did not take it directly from a spoon. We could cheat by mixing it into some milk, but somehow this was likely not as effective.
I also found the advice on many German sites to use an onion to fight the cough: cut the onion and hang it above the cot or place it close to the cot. Apparently makes the room smell like a kebab restaurant in Little Istanbul, but was confirmed by many to work (we did not try this out, though).

Well, let’s see how the next days go.
I guess a fever should be gone within 3 days and most important for us was to confirm that this was not more serious than a regular cold or flu.

I hope Oskar’s going to be okay for his big day tomorrow.

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