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Don’t ask about the flight.
It was better than when flying to Europe, but it was still super stressful. Takeoff from Amsterdam to Singapore was close to midnight and Oskar was sleeping when we were waiting at the gate. But once we entered the plane, he woke up of course. He was not unhappy as we arranged ourselves in our seats and stuffed the surrounding overhead bins with everything we got, but he also did not show any signs of tiredness, which did not bode well for later.

Somehow I felt that the KLM staff was not as considerate with babies as the AirFrance staff, though this might not be true and my memory is clouded by the anger over noisy Dutch people babbling as if chatting on the market square, while we were trying to get Oskar to sleep after take off.

After what felt like forever and after I had given up, Lamia succeeded to get him to sleep and put him carefully in his bassinet. Naturally this was the very moment where the plane hit turbulences and we had to get him out of the bassinet again. Which meant he woke up, he was crying and we could start the whole process all over again 10 minutes later.

Uh boy.
But overall he slept more than on the flight to Europe. So did we. But it was exhausting. We were tired, we were all still sick and KLM does not provide the same service as AirFrance in terms of drinks. AirFrance sets up a bunch of drinks in the galley and you can just help yourself. KLM does not do that.
You would not believe what they told me when I asked them to just hand me two closed Coke cans for Lamia and myself at dinner time:

Flight attendant: No, we do not give the closed cans…

So I am thinking this must be some kind of a safety requirement. Maybe you can kill someone with a can of Coke. You know: use the pressure inside to propel a projectile or some shit like that.

Flight attendant:… because when I give you one, everybody wants one.
Leo: ?!
Flight attendant: We are overbooked and we do not have enough supplies.

You got to be…
Ever heard the term “going Dutch”? Well, KLM, thanks for the vivid demonstration…

Some other shit happened, too, during that flight.
Once I wanted to get something to drink for Lamia in this fluid deprived plane and went foraging for water in the galley when suddenly something hit me from the back. It turned out this was a woman who had just collapsed. I and another passenger helped her up and sat her on a little chair in the galley. She was obviously embarrassed and said that she did not feel so well – we called the flight attendants and later I saw her walking up and down the aisles, clearly feeling better. At least something.

Long flight short, we eventually arrived in Singapore.
And for the first time in the 15 years where I am flying frequently they’ve actually lost my luggage. Yep, I was pissed off, of course, especially during the first 20 minutes of slow realization, but in the end it was not such a big deal. I was sure that my bag was still in the plane which was on route to Bali (because we had checked in Amsterdam at the gate for completeness of our luggage). But in the end it did not matter that much. I filed the report and we took two taxis to go home.

Tess was already expecting us, had bought some food and had our condo nicely ready for us. What a luxury!
Oskar’s reaction was also interesting. I think he recognized his home and I think he was happy to find all his toys in a familiar environment.

Edit January 4th, 6:30 pm:
Looks like my luggage will come with the flight from Amsterdam today and they will deliver by tonight 10:30 pm. So either the guys in Amsterdam were bullshitting us when they said our luggage was on board or the very same plane flew from Singapore to Bali to Singapore (?) to Amsterdam (?) and back with my bag. Does not sound that likely…

Anyway. At least the bag is not lost.

Edit January 4th, 10 pm:
Delivery is late and I got a text that they can only deliver the bag by 11:30 pm. I asked them to bring it tomorrow.

Edit January 5th:
Bag arrived today. Everything’s good. There is a special security check sticker from Amsterdam Schiphol airport on my bag, however. So it’s possible that Saturday it was pulled for a spot check and it did not make it back on the plane in time.

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