Bullet holes


While going through the drawer of my night stand, Oskar found my first iPhone – the original one that I go in March 2008. This was an awesome phone and it deserves the legend status it has. I loved that phone and went with it through quite a lot… till one day it dropped from maybe 1.80 meter on a hard tile floor in my company’s locker room. This was not the first rough drop it encountered, but it was the one that finally damaged the screen (not a crack but pixel damage that got worse over time). If you think about it, it’s still pretty amazing I used that old phone for 3 1/2 years. I was always somewhat attached to it, so I  had it stick around. And when Oskar nicked it out of my night stand today, I thought I’d charge it and fire it up to have a look what’s on there. I was surprised how the pixel damage had progressed in the meantime… Really looks like bullet holes. Oh, and look: I was in New York 2011/12… :)

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