Sausage Fingers vs House of Cards


It all started with a hippo that Nagi gave to me over Christmas 2013 and it was followed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex that Lamia brought from Japan: Nanoblock – that Japanese Lego stuff. I ranted about the poor design of the Nanoblock assemblies, but I have to admit I’ve developed a love-hate relationship to them.

So I was not too unhappy when Lamia brought another one back from her last trip to Japan: the skeleton of a brachiosaurus. The bag with the pieces was lying around somewhere for months now, but it was always something I wanted to do when I have a moment to breathe. I finally assembled it tonight.

In terms of fiddling around with these tiny, !#$%@*& blocks and going ^%$#!@* because the design is so unstable, this one is the worst so far. What a damn, @!#$%}! beast!

But I did it!
Ha! – In your face, Japan!

… don’t touch it, though.

Lamia’s going again to Japan tomorrow.
I admit I would be a little disappointed if she does not bring back the next one…

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