Oskar received lots of presents and gifts for his baptism and of course Christmas. We’re handling this the same way we handled it with all the loot he got for his first birthday: we hide most of the gifts in one of the wardrobes and then bring them out one by one over the course of the coming months.

Today, for example, we gave him those nice wooden toy blocks that Alex and Silke gave him for Christmas. As we were starting to play with them I discovered an adorable little „Oskar“ tag in the box that came with the blocks.

It’s like a little sibling to the wooden Oskar sign that (also) Alex and Silke gave him as a baptism present (you can see it on one of the photos in this entry). The little one was a present from Lamia’s parents, though, who found it on the Christmas market in Stuttgart. Lamia had put it into the box with the toy blocks to keep it safe during the trip back to Singapore.

It was certainly a good idea to keep it safe in that box.
But only until Oskar got his hands on it…

Well, that’s why we have glue…

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