Good-bye, Adobe CS Suite!


Let’s be clear:
I love Photoshop.
And I love Illustrator.
And I love Indesign (as a friend).

But, boy, do I hate Adobe!

Here’s the problem: aforementioned software is in principle a must-have when you do serious graphics design on your computer. And I enjoy that while I am not a pro and I hardly use 50% of the functionality of either of these programs (rather less), I do know my way around them and can produce pretty cool stuff.

But it’s just not worth it. The CS Suite is too expensive for what it does for me. In principle it’s time to upgrade now (there is some weird Java runtime error popping up since I have installed Yosemite and I could not find a way around this except installing an older version of Java, which sounds like a pretty shitty idea).

So I have tried out Pixelmator as a replacement for Photoshop…

… and I like it. Some things can be even done better and easier with it than with Photoshop and while it is missing lots of things which I adore about Photoshop, it will do.

On the Illustrator side I have not found a software replacement, to be frank, but much of the drawing and Illustration I would normally do in Illustrator I can actually do on an iPad. Again: there are things I adore so much about Illustrator that cannot be done with whatever App I am using on the iPad. But it will do.

The crazy thing is that I was willing to shell out money for the latest Photoshop and Illustrator versions. It’s different now: you don’t buy a software package anymore, but you literally rent it for a monthly fee. That’s fine. I get why Adobe is doing that. What I do not get is (once more) the hostile pricing Adobe is forcing on their customers.
Typically, companies that are charging for services on a regular basis offer a monthly or annual pricing model. The annual pricing is lower than 12x the monthly charge. And this is what I expect.

Adobe does not do that.
They have you cough up the same amount of money, whether you pay monthly or annually. What the heck?! You might say this is a small thing, but this is pissing me off like hell and it’s reason enough for me not to buy myself into the Adobe eco system (which by the way is then really a closed garden – much worse than anything Apple, Google or whoever might be accused of doing).
It’s simple: I expect that when I commit to a longer period versus a short period, I am getting something back. But people at Adobe do not seem to understand that. And – believe it or not – this is why I am kicking Adobe’s CS software off my laptop.

Yes, I will keep Lightroom. It’s not part of the CS Suite and it does not run on that rental model (yet). And in Lightroom’s case I have to admit I do not have something else that “will do”.

But I do not get Adobe.
Seriously. I guess it means that people are buying their stuff in droves, no matter what.
So yes, it’s great software – but from all I can tell – sold by a bunch of a-holes…

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