It’s Chinese New Year which means we have two extra days of holiday this week. CNY is not really a holiday that’s on our map, to be honest, so we did not think at all of booking a little getaway trip at a time when prices are still reasonable.

But not to worry – we decided that this would be a good time to give potty training a try.

As you can see, we purchased enough underwear for Oskar to weather the worst flooding for a while. And we had high hopes because despite his age, Oskar has shown some interest in the potty and he is indicating when something is happening.

Now, the day went something like that:

Oskar: Kaka!

Oskar’s battle cry when it comes to the potty is “Kaka”. But we learned pretty quickly that other than what you might think, this means “pee-pee” in most cases. Hum… Just a sec. I gotta go and clean this up.

Alrighty. Where was I?
He, he – the little tyke did not make it quickly en…

Oskar: Kaka!

Oops. Sorry. He, he. Gotta go. See a wet patch there again…

Okay. So, we time him every 5 minutes. Then we put him on the potty for 5 and hope for the best (no luck so far – pee went everywhere but the potty). On the potty we keep him entert…

Oskar: Kaka!

Well. Look at his. Hum. Errm… hold it, okay?

Where was I? Yes, this was another little accident.
Anyway. So we keep him entertained with the iPad when he’s on the potty. I found out he likes the cartoons from “Die Sendung mit der M…”…

Oskar: Kaka!

What? Again?

He, he. We seem to be somehow out of sync with him.
When he’s on the potty, nothing’s happening. But a minute after he’s out of the loo he goes like…

Oskar: Kaka!

Okay, that’s it… !

You get the idea.
We tried putting him on the potty a few times today, but in the end it worked only once and I guess that was because it was right after his nap. He also seemed to get a little stressed about this whole 5 minute beat where we took him to the potty, the pants had to go down and he had to sit there with two giants eagerly watching him with grins in their faces,

So we stopped this and we will try again later; maybe in a few months time.

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